Speedometer dial kits


All our dial kits are designed to totally transform and modernize the look of your old Speedo
by converting its factory instrument dials into a totally transformed new dial display.
Problem seeing the dash in your vehicle? light very dim and boring
All our dial kits are designed to give your dash a completely new modern layout with new design, numbers and colours giving you new dash a clear display during the day and a total transformation at night with a colorful display.
 with these kits you don't need to change any bulbs as everything is built into the dial face for you.  please look at "Dial fitting guide" for more details regarding these dial kits.

Please note: All our dial kits are after market products and not made by or associated with the manufactures shown. all the logos and information on our site is only to indicate the vehicles these kits will fit.
We do not intend to mislead or confuse. 



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