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All our dial kits include a basic fitting guide with some photographed illustrations on how to
fit our dials into the dash only,  the fitting guide does not explain how to "remove or replace"
the dash in your vehicle.


With our kits you will get a fitting guide, we are also available to give advice
regarding fitting by email or on the phone if required. The dials /pod would have to be
removed from the dashboard to gain access to the dial faces.
The majority of dashes do not require the needles to be removed to fit our kits.
( Some dial kits may require some needles to be removed due unfortunate layout of the dash).
but advise is available to refit and calibrate the needles.
The Centre holes in our dials are specially designed  to allow the needles to slide into
position without removing them, also the great thing with our kits is no bulbs need to be changed
or replaced as these  dial kits have there own built in ( el lighting).
With these dials you will also get a small transformer unit wired to a dimmer/Switch,
the dimmer is to allow adjustment to the brightness and the switch is to enable 
you to change the colour of these dials from Blue and Red, to Green and Red.
The red and black wires from the transformer unit will connect to your dash lights to provide
power for the lighting,
You will require a couple of screwdrivers, a Stanley knife, and electric connectors.
This is one of those jobs that once you have done it the job, it is easier than you think.
You will need to cut a small grove V shaped, on the edge of the dash pod to allow the wires to
protrude from the dash.
Please note without being rude we will say if your not a do it your self type, then full advice
will be required.
All our dials are a high quality scratch resistant polycarbonate product with built in plasma/ EL lighting
that looks great when fitted in during the day and night.
We provide a full back up service and are always available by email and phone
if you require any advice regarding fitting.

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When a vehicle is imported into the united kingdom they require an sva test, this is to
bring the vehicle to UK standards. one of the requirements is the speedo (km/h) conversion.
To pass the mot the vehicle will require the speedo to read in mph. The speedo must have a speedo with mph also km/h to pass an MOT

Two SVA conversion options that are used for imported  vehicle conventions :

A /  The original speedo 0-180km/h will be replaced with a 0-110mph dial face (180km/h = 110mph) 
the electrics mechanics in the speedo dash will still operate in km/h and the trip will
continue to operate in km/h.
B/   The original speedo will have a speedo chip fitted, this will then convert all the speedo electrics/mechanics to operate in mph then the 0-180km/h dial face will have a bit of black tape put over the k so you will only see m/h  = 180 m/h your complete speedo will then operate in mph and the trip mileage will from this point rotate in mph.

Questions / Answers :

Q     :   my speedo is still showing origional import  0- 180kmh what options do i have?
A     :   1 :   you can fit a  0-110mph speedo dial  (0-180km/h = 0-110mph) When this dial is fitted 
                 your speedo dial will show mph but your milometer/trip meter will continue
                 to read/rotate in km/h.
 2 :   You can fit a speedo convertor, this will convertor your 0-180kmh speedometer to
        read/rotate in mph then you can fit the 0-180mph dial kit. your trip meter from this point
        will read rotate in mph.
Q    :  my speedo shows 0-180 m/h? with black tape over the k (m/h ) on the dial face?
A    :  You have a speedo convertor already fitted, so can fit our 0-180mph dial kit.

Q   :  Are these dials legal for an MOT.
A   :  Yes these dials are legal for an MOT (MOT requires the speedo dial to read in mph as the main
        speedo reading, also a km/h reading must be on the inside on the speedo dial face
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I hope we have been of help and answered your questions?
please do not hesitate to ask if you have any further questions.
Kindest regards Visual-performance auto styling.

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All instructions supplied by visual-performance auto styling accessories are a guide
only and installation and total use of our dials or any or our products are entirely at
the owners/buyers own risk.
No responsibility whatsoever will be accepted by Visual-Performance auto styling accessories
or any member of staff or associate, for any damage or malfunction of your vehicle whatsoever,
including malfunction or any damage caused by any bad connections, also any injury-injuries
to yourself or anybody else whatsoever.

If you are in any doubt regarding fitting any of our dials, a trained electrical fitter is strongly recommended
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