Visual-Performance was set up in 2005 and over the years we now have the largest number of superb high quality EL plasma glow white dial kits in the UK.  With well over 180 different plasma dial kits and with the help of our professional manufacturer, we are constantly expanding and developing many more new types of dial kits for the import market, UK and European vehicles.
Visual-Performance specialises in:
EL speedo dial faces
37mm, 52mm, 60mm Gauges.
5" Tachometer gauges,
Gauge pods.
Racing switches.
Racing switch panels
Bonnet damper kits.
Under bonnet lights.
SMD / LED Bulbs, seat covers and many more new products

We aim all our products on the market's needs, and have concurrent
advantages, favourably separating them from the
"standard everyday" products of our competitors.

Look at the list of products currently available and also the development of many more
new products to come.  If you cannot see dials for your type of vehicle or you require more details, please ask.
We value all of our customers views and comments so you can
All our dials are after market products, If you do not find the dial kit to fit your vehicle,
please email us with your vehicle details.  Alternatively you are more than welcome to
call our sales on 01793 616618 and one of our sales team will be happy to help.

Your dash in your car looking a bit
dull, old, outdated?
Are you a bit sick of the dull lighting from your dash?
Now you can total transform the interior of your car by converting its factory instrument
dials using our new racing style plasma glow dial kits.
By day, you'll have a cool, racing-style set of dials that is totally
transformed at night, Just turn your lights on and your dash will be totally
transformed with a cool modern look  with a bright colour displ